CSE160/161 Home Page (Spring 2017)

Welcome to the CSE160/161 (Computer Science A: Honors) home page for Spring 2017. This page will be the main source of course information throughout the semester.

Important Course News and Messages

Please check this page regularly for new messages. The newest messages will always appear first.

Final Exam Grades

Final exam grades are available. Maximum score was 42 out of 50, minimum score was 9. The mean was 30.51 (36 submissions), and the standard deviation was 7.55.

Midterm Exam Grades

Midterm exam grades are available. Maximum score was 47 out of 50, minimum score was 14.5. The mean was 35.92 (36 submissions), and the standard deviation was 9.74. Scores below 25 are cause for concern; below 20, significant concern.

Midterm Exam:

For the Midterm Exam on Monday, 3/27/2017, you will be permitted to use the BlueJ book during the programming part of the exam (but not during the written part). If you want to use the book, be sure to bring your copy. If you have an electronic version that you want to upload, you can do it using an SFTP client and connecting to host files.cs.stonybrook.edu, port 130. Log in using the same username and ID that you use for the lab systems. An example SFTP client is FileZilla, though the most recent versions cannot be used, due to old crypto software running on the server. Version 3.15 of FileZilla works; I am not sure about later versions. In any case, take care of this well before the exam, because Internet access from the lab will be blocked starting 15 minutes before the exam begins.

TA Office Hours Location:

Per the TA's request, the location for his office hours is changed to Old CS 2203.

Course TA:

I have been assigned a TA for this course. His name is Hamid. He will be grading the homeworks and will hold office hours to provide help as needed. Futher information, including his email and office hours, has been added to the syllabus.

Lab 1 results:

One of my purposes for Lab 1 was to try to get an idea of the initial distribution of programming skills among class members at the start of the semester. After observing students' work during the lab and looking at the programming experience you reported on the questionnaires, I assigned each student a score from 1 to 5 and made a histogram. The results are as follows:

As there are a significant number of students at the novice or near-novice level, we will start out slowly. But if you are starting out at that level, you should expect to spend more time doing extra exercises from the book and any place you can find them. Just doing the weekly homework exercises I assign will not be enough to get you up to speed quickly. As we get toward mid-semester, the pace will start to ramp up, so it is important to put in time early on.

Lab -- January 23, 2017:
There will be a lab on January 23, 2017 (the first day of classes). Please attend.

Personalized Course Information Area:
If you are taking the course, please visit the Personalized Course Information Area, register a user ID there, and fill out the Academic Dishonesty Form. I will be using this system to manage assignment handin and distribute grades.

Eugene W. Stark