CSE219 Home Page (Spring 2018, L02)

CSE219 Home Page (Spring 2018, L02)

Welcome to the CSE219 (Computer Science III, L02) home page for Spring 2018, Lecture Section L02 (Prof. Stark).

Note: For information about TAs and their office hours, follow this link. For all other aspects of the course, the current page contains authoritative information specific to Lecture Section L02 (Prof. Stark).

Important Course News and Messages

Please check this page regularly for new messages. The newest messages will always appear first.

HW2 Due Date changed:

The HW2 due date has been moved back to Sunday, March 4.

HW1 Solution Released:

Get it by merging branch "master" from the "cse219_handout" repository on GitLab. This is the only homework solution we will hand out.

Recitation Room Changes (Revised):

Recitations R04 and R06 will meet in Old CS 2129. Recitation R05 will meet in Old CS 2120.

Recitation Room Changes (Obsolete):

All recitations associated with L02 (i.e. R04, R05, and R06) will meet in Old CS 2114, instead of the registar-scheduled classroom. Probably any information on SOLAR or elsewhere will still indicate the original rooms, but just ignore it.


There is a Piazza page for the course, common to both L01 and L02. To enroll, use the access code that I gave out during the first lecture. I won't be posting that in public pages online so you will have had to copy it or get it from someone who did.

No recitations -- week of January 22, 2018:

There will be no recitations during the first week of classes.

Eugene W. Stark